Saturday, September 04, 2010

Sometimes technology is amazing!

I'm sitting here at the new barn by myself. I'm waiting for Sandy and Marci to come join me. I'm on my laptop, with the horses looking at me like I'm insane. I tried to get them to type for me, but they didn't want to ruin their hooves.

Looking out of the barn is just amazing. I have a beautiful view of the trees and a huge pond (Gravel Pond of course)! I really missed this. When I used to have my pony Baywatch, I could do this for hours. Now with a job and two businesses, who has time??? I special thank you to Marci for kicking my butt in gear and also for Sandy for putting up with us!!! :)

Man, the poines and horses look so happy out there. Bruce is snuggling with his two mares, Vinnie and Graydee are eating every blade of grass in sight, and Beau, Rusty, and Sundae are chillin in the indoor. What a perfect day! I wish I felt better, otherwise I wanted to ride. Maybe this week sometime.

I'm so glad I was able to update this more than once a million years! To all my friends out there in cyberspace, HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY!!!!

Lizzy <3

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