Sunday, November 29, 2015

2015 is over??? What!

Just wanted to come in an say a quick hello!

Vinnie, Mariah, Delilah, and Bella are doing great!

We got them some chickens this year. Boy has that been a hoot! They are such interesting animals!

Here's some shots that were taken this year! Make sure you check out our facebook page too! :)!

Hopefully I'll have some more updates or pictures soon! Good night internet!!


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Monday, February 02, 2015

Welcome 2015!

Hey everyone! :)

Not too much going on!

We sadly sold Lily, the pony we bought last year. She had a bit too much of an attitude for what we needed. She has gone to a great home and I wish her the best!

For this year, I will be spending my spring working with our new girl Delilah. She is a bit shy so it is taking a while to earn her trust. But we are coming along nicely! I am hoping that she will be ready to use this year! I don't want to push her so I don't have a specific guideline. But what's most important is her safety and the children's safety.

Once she understands what's expected of her, we might bring her to a few parties just to get a taste of what she will encounter every day and let the kids love on her! :) Here she is! What a cutie!

Other than that the only real news is that I still have not raised prices! These rates have been good since I think 2010!!! Thank you for all of your support! We love our clients!!


PS...We are starting to fill up for 2015 so get a move on! :)