Saturday, November 17, 2012

Forgot to post this!!!

Bella rocking our new saddle pad! :) We got two so even if Vinnie and Bella are out, they are STYLIN!!

Ok I'm out! :)


Happy Thanksgiving!!!

First off, since this week kicks off the start to the holiday season, I wanted to mention that we now offer gift certificates in any amount! This would make a great Christmas present! :) 

Ok so now onto what I am thankful for!

For this business, we would not be where we are today without our horses! Vinnie has been there from the beginning. He is my rock, my baby, and the best horse in the whole world! He amazes me every time I see him! Then there is George. We bought George because I fell in love with him the moment I met him! He was ultimately too small to use for what we needed, but I still see him when I am at the barn. He warms your heart and even gives kisses when you're feeling down!!! Bella! I bought her knowing she would be perfect for what we needed. I didn't, however, know how much I would love her! She is smart, spunky, and a joy to be around! Finally, Mariah! Mariah will be premiered next year for our pony parties! She is a bit smaller than Vinnie but would still be able to be ridden by adults and children. She is honest, sweet, and full of energy! 

Here she is! :)

This is Linda, Mariah, and me.

She is going to be an awesome addition, and did you notice...she has blue eyes!!!

Our last party (so far) for the season is tomorrow. Can't wait because it's a total surprise to the birthday girl! :) Those are always fun! 

Here is some news on specials we are having...

***Sale for December and January! $150 for parties within 15 miles of the farm! Use this code when booking: YEAREND. $50 deposit required! Call me! 570-407-0622! Not sure how long I will hold the sale so act quick! 
Remember, just because its cold doesn't mean you shouldn't party! As long as the children have a place to warm up, they will love having a pony party!***

***SALE!!! 10% off bookings for 2013! Offer expires 12/31/12 @ 11:59pm! Call, email, text, or Facebook message me!!! Prices will most likely increase as of January first so get the savings now!!! *$50 deposit required and must be received before offer expires.***Date does not have to be set in stone***

2013 is fast approaching! We already have 6 parties booked and it's not even January! I never could have imagined how much fun and how successful this venture would be! I am beyond thankful to the people that invited us to their home or party site! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! 

Christmas pictures 2013 are going to be taken soon! :) Can't wait! Look out for them!

Take care and be well! Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Liz and everyone at True Venture Farm!