Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The areas we serve!

Tonight got me thinking...I wish I could draw a radius of the area that we service! So I searched and I found a site that will do it!

The map below gives you the general idea of where we will travel. We try and keep our travel area to under 60 miles or under an hour in the trailer for the horses/ponies. Traveling is stressful and although I could charge an arm and a leg to drive 200 miles to your party, my horses safety comes first.

Standing in a trailer for a long period of time, and then walking around and around can take its toll. I know it seems like they aren't working hard, but believe me, my horses/ponies are working every minute that we are at your event!

Having to "behave" and keep alert is hard work! :) But they love it and so do we!!!

Hope all is well! Thanks again for your business and most importantly, your friendship to us!