Saturday, August 20, 2011

What a great year so far!

We have done so many awesome parties! Today we go to Clayton Park Recreational Area to visit Sonya and Maurice! They are such wonderful people and the camp ground is just beautiful!

So no we have a pony for our pony party business! I'm working out prices so that you can have Vinnie and George come to your event or child's birthday party at a reasonable price. That will be updated soon! As for some guidelines for George since he is a small pony (he's actually half shetland pony and half miniature horse) he can only hold up to 75lbs. I would recommend him to children 6 and under only.

The last thing I want to do is hurt him and obviously your children's safety would be in jeopardy if George was to fall due to someone too big riding him. As always, Vinnie's only weight limit is someone that I feel I would not be able to safely remove from his back if there was a problem. Safety is my number one concern. My business is my life and I would not want anything to happen to prevent me from doing this!

October seems to be the month that will fill up fast! I've already got two dates booked! September is another one, working on a third booking for that month! So give us a call soon!!!

Thanks for checking in and take care!!!

Much Love

All of us! :)

Saturday, August 06, 2011

Busy Busy!

So the Cow Flop in Throop was AMAZING!!! We have done several parties and it has just been a blast this year! The weather has been a little warm but so far no problems!!!

Please take a moment to pay tribute to our horsey friends that were lost July 24th at Over the Hill Farm in Waverly. Sadly 23 beautiful animals lost their lives and their owners lost their best friends. Our hears went out to each and everyone one of them! 3 horses are recovering and doing better each day. 3 other horses made it out with only minor injuries. It was an earth shattering event to our horse community. Check out our Facebook page to find out how to help and to check out updates!!! There is a benefit horse show going on August 27th, come check it out! Let me know if you want to donate anything!!!

On a lighter note, check out GEORGE! This pony will be coming home next weekend and will be a new addition to True Venture Farm Pony Parties! I'm going to work on pricing if anyone would like to have a horse and a pony at their special event. I'm also going to work with George (Who is an old pro at this!) and see what he feels comfortable with as far as children size, etc...

So here he is:
This picture DOES NOT do him justice! He is soooo stinkin cute! He's a little fuzzy in this picture but there will be more pictures to come!! :)

Hope all is well with everyone! Take care!

Much Love,