Thursday, September 02, 2010

Again...TOO long!!!

So this summer has been great! We have done 2 parties in Throop, had two parties at Clayton Park Recreational Area at Lake Henry, and we have gone all the way to Milford, Pa!!! Check out the picture of Sonya from Clayton Park! The image is a little small but you get the idea!

We are truly blessed with the clients and friends we have!

The biggest news is that the boarding stable that we were at has moved to Gravel Pond Road in Clarks Summit. The new place is AMAZING! It's nothing fancy, just simple, cozy, and inviting! The horses love it!

If you know anyone interested in boarding let me know! Also, I will be starting lessons soon because we will have a great outdoor and hopefully (crosses fingers!!!) an indoor riding ring!!!

I will post more pictures soon!

Other than that we are getting in gear for the end of the summer and looking to next year! We already have people interested!!! I can't wait! We just keep getting bigger and better!!!

The biggest item on our list for 2011 is a new trailer! We LOVE LOVE LOVE our trailer but we want something a little newer and a little bigger. We have been doing some odd trailering jobs for other horse lovers and it would be nice to have something a little more modern! So this fall we are looking! If anyone knows a horse trailer dealer let me know!!! I would love to advertise for the dealer if we can negotiate a good price!!!

That's all for now! Hopefully more frequent updates from yours truly!!!
All my love,

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