Sunday, October 24, 2010

Another beautiful fall day!!!

Brycen had wonderful day today celebrating his 4th birthday!!! :) We had a blast as always! Vinnie made a hole in the ground where a woodchuck had his tunnel! Oops! But he was a good boy and didn't miss a beat!!!

We did also loose our brakes on our trailer on the way there! :( but don't worry, Chris can fix them! The truck can still stop the trailer, it just makes it harder without the trailer brake assist.

Tuesday I pick up Dude, Melissa's horse! Can't wait to meet them!!!

I guess that's all! I'll be posting some pictures from the Grand Prix de Penn National soon!!! :) We had a GREAT time there last night in Harrisburg! I wasn't feeling too well in the morning (and had to miss my friend Jenn's wedding...CONGRATS JENN AND JASON!!!) but I felt a little better after I slept til 4:30!!!

Have a wonderful day everyone!!!

Much love,


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