Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Busy Summer!! :)

Hi y'all!!!

Just a quick update! Not too much is new with us. Just lots of parties! Including one with this cutie...

An how about this little girl. Her grandmother made this. She LOVES Vinnie! We are so lucky to have all of our clients!!! They are THE BEST!!!

The only really big news is that we are FINALLY starting the process of having our own "farm". Vinnie and Mariah (my retired horse) are currently living with my mother in law (GRANDMA!)!! They absolutely love it there!! If you take a look at our facebook page (www.facebook.com/trueventurefarm) or my facebook page (www.facebook.com/liz.ghent) you can see pictures and videos!

There's not riding ring yet or anything like that. But it's one step closer to me living my dream. I would give anything for my own piece of land and to be able to wake up every day and look out to see my horses! :) It's happening though!! Dream big I say!!!

Hope all is well out there in internet land!! Love you all so much!!! MUAH!!!

Hugs and kisses!

Liz and the rest of the crew!!!

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